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Learn QuickBooks Online - Customize Invoice

Read step-by-step instructions

Navigate to the Company Settings Menu

From the home screen, click on the Gear Menu. Beneath the column heading “Settings,” select the Custom Form Styles tab.

Edit an existing Form Style

On the Custom Form Styles page, you can edit an existing form or create an all new one from scratch. Let’s edit the default existing one named “Standard” for now.

To open this form, click the Edit button beneath the column labeled “Action.”

Choose a Style

In the style navigator, choose one of the five styles from the left, whichever you like best.

Add Your Logo

In the Logo box, click the drop-down caret then select Upload to choose an image file from your computer.

Use the slider to resize your Logo image to your liking.

Click and drag directly on the logo image to reposition its placement. If you want to return it to its original position, click Reset at any time.

Customize Color Palette

In the Color box, click the drop-down carrot to open color options. QuickBooks tries to automatically match the form’s appearance to the colors in your logo, but feel free to try some different colors from the color palette on the right.

You can also click directly on your logo image to use a Color Sample tool to select whichever shade you click on from your logo.

Title Your Form

To give your custom sales form a title, click the Edit pen below the preview sample.